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Friday, October 3, 2008

About Me

Welcome to Tak Tik Tok and the owner of this blog named Ngurah.

To start ideals who want to become a professional blogger then I start from the lowest level, by Tak Tik Tok, I hope you can help me pursue my dream. With so many blogs are now popping up in the virtual world, will certainly be an obstacle to the development of this blog, but that does not make me pessimistic, I believe this blog will be a success and provide income for me. because I really want to have their own income, because with it I can ease the burden on parents and certainly can for my snack.

For that I really want to put ads from Google Adsense, because adsense is the largest advertising medium today and are the most popular .. and must have been ensuring the welfare publisher with $ $ $ offered.

It's all the other side of this blog, Actually The thing I want to make this blog is my desire to share information to friends, friends, colleagues, and people I do not know. so surely life will be more wonderful if we can humbly to share with everyone, especially the netter or travelers in cyberspace.


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