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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Applying Hand-Washing Culture

Hospital (RS) is generally known as a place of treatment and healing. But with the gathering of patients with diverse diagnoses, causing area hospitals as well as the gathering place for germs. This causes the area of infectious disease transmission RS vulnerable, be it for staff, visitors, and even the patient's own watchman.
handwashing culture
Infections are transmitted in the so-called nosocomial hospital. Thus, infections by bacteria occurs during treatment in the hospital or even afterwards. To reduce the number of nosocomial this, the team formed Sanglah Infectious Disease Control (PPI). Chairman of Committee PPI Sanglah dr. I Wayan Suryanta Dusak, Sp.OT. (K) explained, patients who are highly susceptible to infection in hospital is the patients with low immunity such as HIV / AIDS, chemotherapy patients and patients requiring intensive care in ICU and ICCU. Patients who undergo surgery or other installation tools are also susceptible to infection in the hospital.

To that end, Tim PPI Sanglah takes several steps to prevent the occurrence of nosocomial environment. One of them is a culture emphasizing hand washing, both on the medical staff, patient attendants to its visitors. Hand washing is very important especially when medics five occasions, i.e. before and after patient contact, before having the procedure, after contact with body fluids and after contact with patient surroundings.

This should be applied because the potential for infection by contact between officers with very large patients. For example is the medical officer who examined the patient and then checks the patient's respiratory tuberculosis. Surely germs from previous patients will be exposed to the next patient if the officer did not wash his hands. ''Not only that, the clerks who checked are also susceptible to infection,'' explained Dusak.

In addition to implementing handwashing culture, action sterilization of medical devices is also done centrally. The tools used repeatedly as a tool operation, disetrilkan appropriate standards before reuse. Despite these precautions apply, recognized Dusak, an infection that occurs in Sanglah remain even below the average standard. The example is the case of infection through the use of a ventilator. Based on the standard, normal infection cases occurred 10 cases per 1,000 patients.

To monitor the incidence of nosocomial, further Dusak, Sanglah have a team in the lab to monitor patterns of germs at Sanglah. In the event of an infection in a patient, it will be known if the bacteria originated from the acquisition of the hospital or community. According to Dusak, germs pattern of research at Sanglah, unknown if the germs in the hospital resistennya lower than the germs that circulate in the community. This is due to antibiotic use in the community is more varied than that given at Sanglah. '' It makes people more resistant germs and germs are more benign than in the hospital,'' said Dusak.

With the presence of this germ research patterns, the Sanglah can determine which antibiotics are not working anymore against certain germs. '' It helps the hospital to purchase the type of antibiotic. Currently there is one type of antibiotic that is resistant to all the germs in the Sanglah. With that, the administration of antibiotics to patients discontinued,'' said Dusak.

In reducing nosocomial, according Dusak, the community must participate. Applying hand-washing culture while visiting patients in the hospital and afterwards is very important. Appeal not to bring healthy children under the age of 12 years should be adhered to. '' For a ban on carrying a healthy child to the hospital, especially under the age of 12 years is rather difficult because there is no family reasoned that keep at home. In fact, children 12 years old are very susceptible to infection in the hospital because her immune system has not fully formed,'' said Dusak.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Benefit of Vitamin C

NPM  : 15700002

Sources of vitamin C can be found from the environment around us. In general, vitamin C contained in fruits and vegetables. According to the results of studies that have been conducted in the United States, the fruits, vitamin C most in strawberries is 95 mg per fruit. Followed by 85 mg of papaya, 75 mg of kiwi and 70 mg of oranges.

benefit of vitamin C
While the vegetables, vitamin C tend to be much less when compared with fruit. This is because vegetables tend to be often consumed after cooking first. This causes the amount of vitamin C in vegetables decreased with the cooking process. In the vegetables that have been cooked, vitamin C is found mainly in the broccoli, which is 60 mg. This number is followed by the spinach 55 mg, pepper 50 mg and tomato 35 mg.

As mentioned above, vitamin C can serve as electron donors. Vitamin C as an antioxidant because it is said by donating electrons, can prevent other compounds from oxidation.

Many statements from various studies suggest that the risk of heart disease can be reduced by consuming vegetables and fruits regularly. This statement is corroborated by the presence of vitamin C and vitamin E in the fruits and vegetables that protect biological molecules from oxidative attack.

Until now, the benefits and the effect of vitamin C in preventing CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) and other diseases are researched and developed. Thus, there is a possibility for the discovery of new benefits of vitamin C. 

VITAMIN C - As an electron donor, vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant. Eating fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities to reduce the risk of cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease and can control the aging stage.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Make Child to be Creative

bagus putrawan
Feel parents' love for her child too often makes parents even arranged everything done his children, so the creativity that children have become shackled and not optimal development. Creative can be defined as creative. Many people become great because they are creative. For that a parent would expect children to be a great generation, creativity of children in creating a particular case, initiated a new idea that they have not done, should be allowed to grow but remain under surveillance. Parents can educate children to be creative from an early age. In Woman Ideas (August 2010) say there are nine tips that parents can do to make a child's creative from an early age, namely:

Encourage Children Expressing Ideas and Feelings
In an event of eating, I saw my son Deva was mixing drinks red fanta and coca-cola, then he mixed again with fanta orange, and so on. Seeing messy floor, I was almost angry, but I asked him why he was mixing drinks like that. He replied that it was a collaboration, to create beautiful drink in glass. I was shocked an elementary school’s student talks about collaboration. I asked where she knew the word, he said, and heard from my Indonesian Got Talent TV show, he said. Children need to be encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings, especially children who tend to be quiet and not easily express. It does seem easy, but parents often ignore.

Questions like "How do you feel going into the sea, Adek? Better than" Adek, go overboard like baseball? "You can answer the questions in the form of translation. Or ask children to suggest ideas for activities to be carried out during the holidays. Or you can also talk about how he would organize her room.

Brave Kids Push Risky
Parents are often too over-protective of the firstborn, because parents do not have previous experience. There's always a first for everything. So encourage children to dare to try to do new things, such as swimming or pay to the cashier. At first he might be afraid, because it continues to push her confidence. If you must, accompany them in doing new things.

Swimming, for example, initially of course parents should be with him because if it cannot harm. My first daughter when she was 8 years old, it took 3 months to eliminate the trauma having been drowned in the pool, because I did not keep it. But eventually he was able, as I continued to reassure her, and eventually could swim well. The thing to remember, do not scold the child when he made a mistake in trying new things. Courage and confidence of children is far more valuable than a broken plate as she learned to eat alone. Navigate to the patient.

Give Confidence
When the child accustomed everything prepared, he would not be creative. A parent should do is to give them responsibility and trust to do something. Give that responsibility in accordance with the age of the child. Parents are often wrong in expressing her love for children, a way to serve and do whatever they need. This will "plunge" children, so that they become less creative.

Don’t Justify Arrogantly
Do not rush interrupted, such as when he gave color to the sky. Ask him why he colored purple sky. That would allow him to express ideas or imagination. Life problems experienced by parents often make parents less time for children, so it is often a desire for children to be able to do everything according to our wishes. Remember to always ask about the reason for the child to do something.

Appreciate Creativity
Praise from parents is the energizer that will stimulate the child to keep trying. Give a sincere compliment when he's doing or making something creative. Praise especially in front of other adults, will make him motivated. Also show our enthusiasm as parents, ask questions that show interest in the creative work.

Provide Facilities
Provide facilities and infrastructure that can support him in exploring his creativity. Not necessarily expensive. Parents can even use items that are around the house, ask gardening, cutting, etc.

Stimulate Imagination
bagus putrawan
Childhood is the golden age of the imagination. Stimulate the imagination of children to have a positive imagination too. Games that can stimulate creativity such as lego, construction paper, clay, to read fairy tales educate, play sand on the beach, or have the children lead did do the game so he could imagine as a leader, not a mythical figures, such as ghosts, etc.

Develop Curiosity
Read the story or do a game that fishing curiosity. Parents can read serialize, or take the child to the zoo to expand his knowledge. Children love to ask you something that interested him. New things are always exciting for him. When a child asks, and parents do not know the answer, do not lie, but encourage children to discover the answer together.

Joy of Reading
bagus putrawan
The book is indeed a window to the world. If the child is not yet able to read, read to them is a way to stimulate the children love to read. Invite your child walks into a bookstore than at the mall. But to make children love reading, parents should set an example first. As the saying goes your action talks louder than your words, giving examples of the action will be more significant, so rather than just advising with words.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Benefits of Drinking Beer

drinking beer
Behind skewed impressions that often follow, mild alcoholic drink turned out to save health benefits. Drinking beer on a regular basis - not excessively drunk and even can cause health damage - turns out to have some health benefits.

A number of studies in which the Institute of Epidemiology at the University of Muenster found that drinking beer in moderation reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The reason is simple; alcohol can increase HDL or good cholesterol useful cardiac care. Based on research by TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute, Germany, loyal beer drinkers 30 percent increase blood levels of vitamin B6 in the body more than those who do not drink beer, or two times more than red wine drinkers.

Again, the study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology said the risk of middle-aged people who like to drink beer kidney stones decreased by 40 percent compared to those who did not drink at all. Yet it can be found, which component causes the beer to be magic to ward off kidney stones. But this discovery is clearly beneficial.

Harvard study found that middle-aged women who diligently drinking beer proved to have better mental function and denser bones. This is because beer contains such substances similar to estrogen, a female hormone that decreases with age. The compound xanthohumol in beer shown to inhibit cancer cells develop in the body. Therefore, excessive consumption of beer is not the same as entering a cancer antibody.