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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beautiful Nails in the Holiday

beautiful nail
Nail is one part of the body is often neglected maintenance. However, if you want to look perfect, your nails also require special care. Especially before the holidays, we should pay attention to the whole appearance. Included also noticed the hands and nails. Because when the fest and to shake hands, fingers and nails will get attention.

Apply the following steps, to make fingers and your nails look stunning. Do manicure every two weeks. If you have limited budget, you could do a manicure at home and just to the salon once a month.

Nails are a reflection of your health. Therefore, eat nutritious foods, especially those containing high doses of vitamin C, to make your nails look stunning. Avoid the habit of nail biting. If this is hard to do, buy nail polish, and apply it on your nails. It was that bad to make you wary and do not want to bite your nails again. Wear rubber gloves to protect your nails from detergents and water, when you wash.

When will treat fingers and nails, first wash your hands with soap or hand washing your favorite shampoo. Then rinse with warm water. Make a mixture of sugar and cream or moisturizing oil with a ratio of 2:1 and massage your hands with the mixture for 5 minutes. This massage works to remove dead skin and improve blood circulation.

When you're used to using hand cream at night, as soon as it applied, wear cotton gloves to enhance the effectiveness of the cream.

When will shape your nails, use a soft piling. Cover your nails with a base coat first, and then use the nail polish according to your favorite color.

In order for nail polish is not easy to fade, polish coat nail has dried with top coat.


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