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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Caring for Shoes

nice shoes
Shoes addition as footwear can also be worshiped appearance. Because it's like other accessories, shoes are necessary for treatment. Well, how do I take care of a good shoe? Here are the tips.

To prevent the shoe does not smell, do not wear shoes with foot conditions are wet. It can cause bacteria to grow and eventually your shoes to smell.

If you have leather shoes, store the shoe in a dry place. Avoid drying in the sun shine, just aerated the shoe does not damp and moldy. Do not wipe with water and use a soft material to wipe. Especially for white shoes, polish the white toothpaste in outer part of shoe so that the skin is not broken shoes and more durable.

For suede shoes, avoid direct contact with water. Brush shoe with a soft shoe brush that dust can be removed. Then dry the shoe in place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

If your feet are always sweaty, should be dried first. Then sprinkle with talc powder so your feet stay dry and fresh condition.

Do not forget to use special medicines or foot spray shine spray on the inside of your shoes and soon winds to dry.


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