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Friday, November 28, 2008

Go to School

Who does not know the school?

smpn 1 denpasar

Schools in Denpasar with the best quality

SMP 1 Denpasar is the first international standard school in Bali. A school located in the street Surapati no. 2 is has carved many achievements in the field of academic and non academic. With capitalize qualified teachers and experienced in their field, this school has produced seeds successor nation a capable and virtuous noble character. This school deserves to be proud. Not only teachers who can help students and students in learning, but because of the existence of adequate facilities for students learning such as TV, air conditioning, LCD, and others. And that's all, make this school deserve the title of International School.

sman 4 denpasar
After I graduated from here, I continued my study in SMA 4 Denpasar. This school located in the street Mount Rinjani is has many achievements in the field of academic and non academic. This school has good teachers that make the students become diligent to studying here.

That's all about my school.
If you like, I hope you can visit our school.
Bye bye..


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