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Friday, November 28, 2008

IT Research

Research Information Technology (IT) is quite different from the research in the social field. IT research generally do not have a clear methodology, no making of the questionnaire, no data processing and analysis covering only a few results. Research in the field of IT, as long as I've ever seen, could include some type of research include:

  1. Pure IT Research: The research of this type is a study that attempted solve problems that arise related to IT field by looking for solutions which are fundamental. Generally, this research involved studying many existing theories in order to develop fundamental theories of other related. Some research that can be included within the scope of this include the development:
    • Information systems development methodologies
    • Methodology of data warehouse
    • The methods of data mining / soft-computing
    • The concept of network
    • Searching method
    • Optimization Theory
    • Variable Selection Method
    • Network Security System
    • Method of encryption-decryption
    • Programming language
    • Method of data storage
    • Image processing method
    • Pattern recognition method
    • Among others
  2. IT Applied Research: Applied research in the field of IT is more based on research that utilizes the theory or method, which has developed another person within the scope of pure research IT, in the development of advanced research. Some studies that could be included in the scope of this research include the development:
    • Based control system soft-computing
    • Hardware that implement a new data storage method
    • Method-based medicine analysis of soft-computing
    • A study to compare the theory / method
    • The operating system is based on open source
    • Database system with new data indexing system
    • Method of enhancing the effectiveness of network-based data mining
    • Search system with a new searching method
    • Word processing with spell checker new method
    • Database system with new data storage method
    • Image processing applications with new processing methods
    • Application data model that accommodates the new method
    • The programs (DLL or JSP) to a particular method
    • Bioinformatics and Biomedical
    • Application of IT in the Field Other Methods (Economic, Social, etc.)
    • Among others
  3. Research System Development: The system is referred to here refer to systems that can be used directly by the user such as information systems and network systems. Research of this type generally try to apply various theories or methods have been developed both within the scope of pure research and applied research, such as database systems, programming languages, concepts and other tissues. The study covered generally include the development of systems for the purpose of individual / specific community such as development:
    • Financial information systems
    • Expert system
    • Decision support system
    • Data warehouse system
    • Digital library system
    • Mobile system dictionary
    • Network systems based on open source
    • Among others
        Compared with pure and applied research in IT, this type of research now seems still more attractive to students of TI Indonesia in the process of resolving their learning activities. Research of this type also has clear procedures for its implementation, because the general system development methodologies have been proposed in the pure research stage.
  4. Research Related to the Use and Management of IT: In recent years, with the development of the application of IT in society, knowledge about the effectiveness of the use and knowledge in the field of IT management is also growing. Research related to science-science is too much done. Although still within the scope of IT, research of this type may be more associated with the field of social research, because that becomes the object of research is typically the user / users of IT, IT administrator or IT provider. So the possibility to apply the research methodology as well as research in the social field is very large.
kind of research
Maybe there is still debating whether the system development activities, including as a research activity or not. When viewed from the definition of the word study (research) it, namely: 
Research is a human activity based on intellectual investigation and is aimed at discovering, interpreting, and revising human knowledge on different aspects of the world. Research can use the scientific method, but need not do so.
essentially research activities have a goal to discover, interpret or revise the existing knowledge in society. Thus, research involving the development of the system, because it does not include the element to find, interpret or revise the knowledge society, it still could be a matter of debate whether these activities can be incorporated into the research activities in IT or not.
Following the development of higher education IT Indonesia and referring that, systems development is still in great demand by IT students in Indonesia as a thesis, I am personally of the opinion that the development of a system that performed in the order of lectures are included in the construction project (assignment) of a lecture, which may only be used as a final project (project end) of the students with a level below the S1 (D1, D2, and D3).


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