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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Knowing How to License Windows 7 Operating System

Every install windows, we as consumers would not want to approve license filed by Microsoft in order to use this OS on a computer. This License in the form of terms and conditions that must be complied with when using a computer or a notebook that uses Microsoft's operating system. Each computer has its own unique number which must be different with other computers. Microsoft ID is used to determine whether your original Windows or not.
license OS windows
Just like other Windows versions, Microsoft also provides a ID that is different for each computer that is installed on Windows 7. If you want to know the license of Windows 7 on a notebook or computer, follow the steps below:
  • Open command prompt by clicking the Start button, select Run and type CMD which followed the Enter key.
  • Type SLMGR then press the Enter key. This command will not provide any information because the command itself is not complete. Windows itself will provide the right information on how to enter the correct code.
  • Now try you type SLMGR / DLI at the command prompt. This command will provide information on the licensing of Windows on your computer or notebook.
  • Continue by typing the command SLMGR / DLV on the DOS command. This command tells Windows to display the license details of Windows that you use.
  • Next type SLMGR / XPR on CMD window. With this you can know when the Windows license will expire. If you are using the trial version, Windows will give details when your Windows license expires.
The commands above are rarely used, even more ordinary people are not so concerned with licensing of Windows on your computer / notebook is in use. But these tips you can use as a reference if you have problems during registration of Windows to Microsoft.


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